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Crowns & Bridges

Protect your teeth and restore your natural smile.


Our goal is to assist you in avoiding dental problems through regular six-month cleanings and checkups. However, it is common for patients to require tooth restorations sooner rather than later.  Dr. Frias utilizes top-notch dental materials and collaborate with exceptional dental labs to deliver long-lasting and visually appealing restorations.

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Previously, you may have undergone filling treatments to repair your teeth, and you may now question the necessity of an onlay or crown. However, these options are optimal for restoring teeth that have large, aged restorations that cannot be mended. In addition, dental crowns aid in strengthening teeth after root canal therapy, and are recommended for restoring extensively damaged or fractured teeth that cannot be fixed with fillings.

Crowns are designed to bond to the remaining tooth structure and envelop the tooth like a cap, enabling you to comfortably eat, chew, brush, and floss once again. By utilizing exclusively ceramic porcelain for crowns in Bingham Farms, MI, you can be confident that your restoration will blend flawlessly with your natural smile.


Losing teeth not only affects your appearance, but also reduces your self-esteem and causes discomfort while speaking and chewing. However, a bridge can effectively replace one or multiple missing teeth that are adjacent, by utilizing adjacent teeth as anchors to support one or more prosthetic teeth in the middle. This provides a functional and aesthetic restoration.

There are benefits when choosing a dental bridge such as:
• A bridge is a fixed, long-term solution that can be a better choice for some patients than an appliance that is removable.
• A bridge prevents teeth from drifting into the empty space
• A bridge is a great alternative when we can’t utilize a dental implant.

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